Online Order Management System (OOMS)

OOMS is a complete managed e-commerce system for your businesses. Our product provides merchants a platform to expand their business online with great flexibility to manage, advertise and reach new customers unlike before.


As suggested by name, OOMS is the complete management system for the online business of a restaurant.

Online business is growing day by day and none of the business is left untouched. Having a complete ecommerce system for business has been always not affordable for small to medium restaurants. The operations of restaurant are always recurring and every second of service plays an important role. Being a sensitive operation, a restaurant has always specific requirements. Like a simple mistake in getting the contact number wrong while taking a telephonic order can create a havoc.

A simple mistake in taking down the name of the customer can make you feel embarrassed. How do you actually track your orders? How do you make your customers come back again? How do you facilitate your customer with surprise discount code? What if you don't need one person always taking telephonic orders, instead that staff can be of good help in floor service. And let OOMS take care of your take away and delivery orders.



  1. Fully Dynamic e-commerce enabled order online system.
  2. Stand-alone printer. This needs no Internet connection, computer or any assistance to perform its job. Accept/Update the order timing or cancel the order via printer.
  3. Post Code Handler.
  4. Loyalty Points Management.
  5. Discount Coupon Code Management
  6. Admin Panel to check sales, customer details and order details.

Support & Tools

We're open whenever you are open. Our dedicated customer service team is just one call or one email away, to provide you the technical help. With OOMS we do provide you with the additional tools that will be helpful in your restaurant business

  1. Free Online Reservation System.
  2. Free A5 design for the promotion of the business
  3. Free Social media integration, Facebook, Twitter and Trip Advisor.
  4. Free consultation to market the business via social media
  5. Free marketing solution, consultation and training provided for initial 3 months.